Week-Long Business Challenge Starting 7th Jan

Join this collaborative Facebook group and follow along with teachings that will help you figure out your audience, map out and measure your next goals and actions and change your mindset in a positive way for free.

When you take the 'F off Five' ... 'I've' emerges strong and proud.
Break free from the limiting beliefs and thoughts that have held you back and start your journey into the life that you deserve.

It only takes one person to change your life...YOU!


Designed to get your brain ticking and your body into action to move your business forward.


With like-minded solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and business owners who are also ready to take action and open their minds to different things to get better results.


During the challenge you will take action in five key areas that will help to move you, and your business forward.

Ask yourself, 'Is this challenge really for me?'
If you are thinking of starting a business or are already a business owner...then the answer is YES.

If you answer YES to one or more of the following statements then the answer is a resounding YES!
I'm not sure I can do this...
I don't have enough time...
I don't have enough money...
I'm not sure I am good enough...
What if I fail?

If however this best describes you;
I am happy where I am...
I don't need to do anything differently...
I am getting the results I want thank you very much!

Then simply walk on by, this isn't for you!

In our private Facebook group you will be able to share ideas and your results with like-minded people who are all committed to taking action and creating momentum to grow their business.


Day One - It's All About Me
Day Two - It's All About The Money
Day Three - It's All About The Market
Day Four - Let's Map It Out & Daily Affirmations
Day Five - How Does It Measure Up?

The Five M's F Off Challenge is inspired and powered by Judith Wright and Wright Angle Marketing.

About Judith

Judith Wright was born and bred in Yorkshire and is renowned for her no nonsense, straight forward approach to life and business. Judith has headed up a Marketing Agency for the last seventeen years and has worked with thousands of small businesses as they headed on their journey to success. She has developed a tried and tested five part marketing system which her clients follow. She is also an author, speaker, and adds weight to the statement if you want something doing ask a busy person.

She currently part owns an estate agency, runs a ladies networking group, and is involved in bio hacking the ageing code in a network distribution company. Oh, and by the way in her spare time she is currently setting up a company selling chateaus in France under a fractional ownership scheme.

Her mantra for life is, ‘if you aren’t living life on the edge you are taking up too much space’.

We get results

  • 200% ROI from total market expenditure
  • 150% growth in social media reach and interactions
  • Over 300 new relevant followers in 10 days
  • Number of impressions increased by over 90% in the first month
  • Website ranks 1st on Google after previously not ranking for the keyword
  • PPC conversion rate increased by 109.44%
  • From 0 likes to 2,131 relevant likes on Facebook in the first four months
  • From 0 leads to 1,277 website leads in the first four months

It only takes one person to change your life...YOU!